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  • Speaker | 19 September, 2019

    The Yalu and The Mekong: How China generates hydro-power and shares water with North Korea and other neighbours

    China is the origin sate for 40 of Asia’s 57 trans-boundary watercourses. From the Amur River in the north to the Yarlung or Brahmaputra River in the south-west, the country’s water management policy affects the lives of billion of people beyond its borders. Dr Lee has studied the politics around the use of trans-boundary Rivers in Europe and in China, as well as municipal water policy in China’s financial capital, Shanghai. Most recently he has completed a study on how China and North Korea share water in the Yalu river, even as both sides construct hydro-electric damns along its course. In the past he has studied China’s damn building activities on the Mekong.

    Speaker | 12 September, 2019

    Educating the North Korean elite: a decade of teaching at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology

    The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology is a unique institution in North Korea. It was founded by Korean-American Christians and is staffed entirely by foreign professors, who live in the capital and teach the loyal elite of North Korean society.

    Colin McCulloch, who comes from Britain, has taught economics and management at PUST for almost a decade. He will talk about the reasons for PUST’s creation, the ethical conundrums it presents and compromises its staff have to make.

    He is also happy to take questions on daily life in Pyongyang and to speak about the impact that international sanctions have had.

    Please join us for Colin’s insights into living and working in Pyongyang, and the changes he’s seen over the last 10 years.