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  • Speaker | 21 March, 2018

    Xi’s consolidation of power at the top (and the bottom)

    By removing term limits from his office of president, Xi Jinping has shown his consolidation of power is complete. As he strengthens his grasp on the top of China’s political pyramid, he is also enforcing his will more effectively at the bottom. Yanmei Xie, China Policy Analyst of Gavekal Dragonomics, will discuss how Xi is alternating written rules and unwritten norms to bend the vast Chinese bureaucracy to his will.



    Yanmei Xie is Senior China Policy Analyst at Gavekal. She writes about China’s politics and policy and their impact on the Chinese and global economy. She was previously a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, where she analyzed geopolitical flashpoints in the Asia Pacific region and China’s influence in Africa.

    FCCC members only | 22 March, 2018

    FCCC Internal Conference

    FCCC Correspondent members only.