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  • FCCC members only, Speaker | 5 April, 2017

    The Little Red Book at 50 – Origins, Influence and Legacies – Members only

    This is an FCCC Members-only event

    In December 1966, the Revised Edition of “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung“ was published with considerable
    rhetorical fanfare. This “atom bomb“ of a book was to be published in ever-greater quantities to combat revisionist trends within the Chinese party-state and became a key icon of the Cultural Revolution in China and abroad. This talk will discuss the humble origins and the contingent compilation process of the Little Red Book. It will trace the influence of Maoist quotations during the Cultural Revolution and also point out the global dimension of its international appeal. Finally, the talk will address the question in how far legacies of its specific rhetoric may still be found in present-day China.

    ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Daniel Leese is professor of modern Chinese history and politics at the University of Freiburg, Germany. He is the author of “Mao Cult” and “The Chinese Cultural Revolution” (in German). His current research focusses on how the Chinese Communist Party dealt with Maoist era injustices and crimes in the early reform period (www.maoistlegacy.uni-freiburg.de).


    FCCC members only | 22 March, 2017

    Japan’s new public diplomacy towards China

    This is an FCCC members-only event.

    As a result of the rapid growth of China’s economy in recent years, the bilateral relationship between Japan and China has been dramatically changing.

    In a rare opportunity, the FCCC invites members to hear the the view from inside the Japanese diplomatic mission in Beijing. Mr Yasushi Yamamoto, Minister of Press and Culture, will introduce Japan’s daily efforts of public diplomacy and ask: in this challenging era, how can we build new relations of the people, by the people, and for the people?

    ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Yasushi Yamamoto is Minister of Press and Culture, at the Embassy of Japan in Beijing. Mr Yamamoto was previously director of the Regional Policy Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. He previously served in the economic section at the Embassy of Beijing and the political section at the Embassy in Seoul. He holds a masters degree from Harvard University and a degree in Chinese Philosophy from Tokyo University.

    VENUE: Embassy of Japan, Liangmaqiao Dongjie No 1.

    Members must register via the booking system. Unregistered guests will not be admitted.

     This is an FCCC members-only event.