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  • Panel | 16 June, 2017

    China’s Animal Welfare: what’s changing, what’s not and what’s being done about it.

    With the Yulin annual dog meat festival just days away, a heated debate is underway not only in China but also abroad. At this time, a panel of specialists will discuss with the FCCC the many aspects of animal welfare in China today.

    Speakers’ topics range from a human health perspective in a country where rabies still claims up to 3000 lives every year, to animal-testing, to pet-based industries such as dog meat and dog leather.

    Some of these practices have local implications only, while others have crossed borders into international businesses.

    The panel will also explain what the regulations are in place today and what has been advocated to improve animal welfare in China – a country where vastly different attitudes to animals coexist. While animal abuses are still widespread, a growing number of people are showing a strong interest in the well-being of domestic pets – some even investing in their “afterlife” with luxury tombs in animal cemeteries.


    Mary W. Peng is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS). She also supervises the ICVS Non-Profit Humane Animal Welfare Programs such as pet owner education programs, shelter medicine and shelter management training, adoption programs, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, service dog healthcare programs and rabies vaccination programs across China. She is a project coordinator in China for the World Rabies Day initiative (www.worldrabiesday.org) to improve awareness and prevention of rabies. Mary is also the Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of the Jane Goodall Institute China and a Trustee on the Jane Goodall Institute Global Board of Directors. Prior to founding ICVS, she was a senior management consultant at McKinsey & Company in New York, Beijing and Shanghai. Mary received her BA from Barnard College of Columbia University and her MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Originally from New York, she has been based in China since 1991.

    Su Chang works as media liason for PETA, Asia. After she got her master degree from Peking University in 2013 she joined Animals Asia as media assistant and resercher, mostly into the bear bile industry. In 2015 she joined AITA Foundation and worked at the production of their radio program on Animal Welfare. In 2016 she joined PETA spent 6 months in Philippines for training, while working at a local stay animal welfare project.

    Guo Peng is an associate professor of Shandong University, whose research areas are animal ethics and philosophy of language.In the past ten years, she has been very active in the front line of animal protection in China. She was one of the founders and a periodic manager of a local shelter for stray dogs. She initiated a few social research projects related to animal issues in China, including investigations into dog smuggling and dog meat market. She is also involved in the promotion of anti animal cruelty law and the modification of the law of wild animal protection. She also participates in life debates on animal issues both online and on television.

    Zhang Xiaohai
    is the Secretary General of AITA Foundation for Animal Protection in Beijing. He has worked to promote animal welfare concept in China for 14 years. From 2003 to 2014, he worked for Animals Asia Foundation as the leader of its Ending Bear Farming campaign. In August 2014, Toby joined AITA as Executive Secretary General and became Secretary General one year later. Before working for nonprofit organizations, Zhang Xiaohai has ten years hotel management experience. He studied business in Washington University in St. Louise, and holds Master Degree of Business Administration. His interests focus on strategy, organization behavior as well as public communication.

    The panel will be moderated by veteran foreign correspondent, Laura Daverio.

    DATE: June 16th (Friday) 10-11:30am
    VENUE: The Embassy of the Netherlands, 4 Liangmahe Nan Lu
    ENTRANCE: FCCC members free, non-members 100RMB

    Meet the Ambassador | 21 June, 2017

    The Ambassador of Argentina speaks to the FCCC – FCCC Members only

    In May, the Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, made one of Latin America’s most ambitious state visits to China – during which he held talks with President Xi Jinping.

    In an on-the-record FCCC event, Argentina’s Ambassador to China, Diego Ramiro Guelar will brief members about the results of this visit – what were the commitments and the agreements signed?

    Ambassador Guelar will also take a look at Latin America’s strengthening ties with China as it emerges as a global “superpower”.

    He will offer his insight into questions such as why Latin America is actively participating in the Belt and Road initiative? What is the meaning of Argentina and Chile’s presence at the first OBOR Summit in Beijing? What do Chinese investments mean for the Argentina’s energy, transport and construction markets?

    Finally, as Argentina is a current member of the G-20-Troika, alongside China and Germany, and will host the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires in 2018, Ambassador Guelar will explain how these three countries are working together to further the G-20 agenda.

    The event will be followed by an Argentine barbecue.


    Diego Ramiro Guelar has had a long diplomatic career in central destinations: he was Argentine Ambassador to the European Union, Brazil, two periods in the United States and finally in the People’s Republic of China, his current position, since March 2016. From 2004, he has been Secretary of International Relations of the Pro (Political Party in Argentina). During his extensive career to date, he was elected as National Representative in two periods; appointed Secretary of International Economic Relations and Cooperation of the Province of Buenos Aires; Professor of Comparative Political Systems of UCES as well as a national and
    international media columnist. He was the Director of the newspaper La Razón and author of the collection “Chronicles about the transition” and “The silent invasion. The Chinese landing in South America”, among other titles.

    DATE: Jun 21 (Wednesday) 6-7:30pm

    VENUE: Embassy of Argentina, No.11 Dong Wu Jie, San Li Tun, Beijing,

    ENTRANCE: FCCC Members only