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  • Screening | 20 June, 2016

    Sequel Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion : Six Years On, What’s for Dinner?

    As China’s Ministry of Health’s recently-published dietary guidelines (May 2016) urge citizens to eat less meat, we revisit the staggering impact of China’s increasingly protein-rich diet with a talk by the director Jian Yi and the screening of his two short documentaries.

    First – the documentary What’s For Dinner?(2009)  looks into the rapidly growing consumption of meat in China and the increasing industrialization of agriculture. Through interactions with people across Chinese society, the film examines the impact this big shift in food production and consumption is having on sustainability, public health, food security, climate change, and animal welfare.

    Following will be the sequel Six Years on, What’s For Dinner? (2015) revisiting the places and people (including the film crew) in the 2009 film and posing questions about the future of the country’s food production and consumption.

    We will then hear a presentation by May Mei, Chief Representative of WildAid China, featuring two short videos on WildAid’s meat consumption and climate change information campaigns.

    Finally, Wanqing Zhou, research associate of the Food and Agriculture Programme at the Worldwatch Institute will join the panel to present her findings.

    Jian Yi and his fellow panelists will then open the floor to questions.

    DATE: June 20 (Monday)
    TIME: 6pm (arrival for first documentary screening) 6:30pm (arrival for sequel screening)
    VENUE: The Bookworm
    ENTRANCE: Free for FCCC members. 40 RMB for Bookworm members. 60 RMB for non-members


    Speaker | 17 June, 2016

    Europe-China Relations: A roundtable discussion

    The seminar will start with a presentation of the key points of convergence but also divergence existing between the China policies of European member states, based on the findings of the first report produced by the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), a network of China experts from EU member states launched at the initiative of Ifri and Elcano in November 2014, and devoted to the study of Chinese foreign policy and EU-China relations. The team will also present the preliminary findings of the forthcoming ETNC report on European perceptions of China’s Belt and Road project. Finally, the seminar will also provide opportunities to discuss the latest points of economic and political tensions between the EU and China (Market Economy Status, South China Sea etc.)

    ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Dr. Frans-Paul Van der Putten is Senior Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael). He focuses on China’s role in international security and the geopolitics of the Belt and Road initiative.

    John Seaman is Research Fellow at the Center for Asian Studies of the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri). He focuses on energy, raw materials and geopolitics in Asia.

    Dr. Alice Ekman is Head of China Research at the Center for Asian Studies, Ifri. She focuses on China’s domestic and foreign policy.

    Dr. Françoise Nicolas is Director of the Center for Asian Studies, Ifri. A senior economist, she focuses on economic integration and development stratégies in East Asia.