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  • Speaker | 17 September, 2019

    China’s Social Credit System

    What is China’s social credit system? And what is it not? Two speakers, Jeremy Daum and Adam Knight will lay out the reality and dispel some myths about a system, that is often labelled ‘Orwellian’ or compared to inventions portrayed in the dystopian TV series Black Mirror.  Please join us for an authoritative talk based on close reading of China’s social credit policy documents and on the ground research.

    About the speakers

    Jeremy Daum  is Senior Research Fellow at Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center. He is also the founder of China Law Translate a highly respected website offering translation and analysis of Chinese law and policies.

    Adam Knight is a PhD candidate at Leiden University, having previously studies Chinese Studies and then Social Science of the Internet at the University of Oxford. He spent 3 months living in the pilot city of Rongcheng, Shandong province researching the implementation of social credit on the ground.

    Speaker | 19 September, 2019

    The Yalu and The Mekong: How China generates hydro-power and shares water with North Korea and other neighbours

    China is the origin sate for 40 of Asia’s 57 trans-boundary watercourses. From the Amur River in the north to the Yarlung or Brahmaputra River in the south-west, the country’s water management policy affects the lives of billion of people beyond its borders. Dr Lee has studied the politics around the use of trans-boundary Rivers in Europe and in China, as well as municipal water policy in China’s financial capital, Shanghai. Most recently he has completed a study on how China and North Korea share water in the Yalu river, even as both sides construct hydro-electric damns along its course. In the past he has studied China’s damn building activities on the Mekong.