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  • Party | 6 December, 2014

    FCCC Winter Party 2014: “Tigers and Flies”

    The tiger roars and flies just buzz.
    Do you remember who it was
    That with a single turn of phrase
    Brought sleepless nights and anxious days
    To cadres who were very strong
    But couldn’t keep from doing wrong?

    His name of course is Xi Jinping,
    And here’s the real important thing:
    He loves a Party! This we know!
    Yet odds are low that he will show
    His face at ours, or sing a song.
    (And lower still for Zhou Yongkang.)

    Dear Members,

    China’s most famous tigers and tiger hunters are indeed unlikely to be joining us for our annual FCCC Winter Party. But that has not stopped us from making “Tigers and Flies” our theme. We will be providing more details soon, but for now please heed these urgent directives from FCCC Party Central:

    Save the date!
    Saturday December 6th, from 9pm-3am (because, sometimes the correct work of the Party runs late…)

    Expand domestic consumption!
    There will be free-flow drinks from 9-1:00am, including soft drinks, red wine, white wine, mulled wine and beer. Plus a finger-food buffet.

    Allocate the relevant funds!
    Through its appropriate and thrifty work style, the Party Committee has contained costs. But hey, this ain’t the Paris Commune we’re running here, so yes, you will have to pay. But only the same low prices as last year, no increase! 250 RMB for members and 290 for non-member United Front elements. Each member may buy two tix at the member price. You’re welcome.

    Locate Party HQ on the map!

    This year’s venue is, once again, Cabaret, at Solana. A two-floor restaurant and fun palace with a nice dance floor and a good sound system.

    Whether you ardently love the Party or just ardently love to party, we hope to see you there!

    FCCC Winter Party Leading Small Group


    REGISTRATION: at fcccadmin@gmail.com
    VENUE: Cabare European Bar & Restaurant, Building 15. No 1. Solana Shopping Center, 6 Chaoyang Park Road
    ENTRANCE: 250 RMB FCCC members – 290 RMB non-members. A single member can only buy two tickets at member price. Ticket sale at
    - all FCCC speaker events
    - Wednesday, Dec 3, 4-6pm: The Bookworm
    - Thursday, Dec 4, 1-4pm: Jianguomenwai DRC Flatwhite Cafe; and 5-7pm: The Bookworm
    - Friday, Dec 5, 4-7pm: The Bookworm.
    No sale at the door.



    Speaker | 27 November, 2014

    Rule of law in China: Trick or treat?

    Under Xi Jinping, China aims to strengthen the rule of law. It’s a concept that has in recent years been mainly connected with the push for a market economy. Now the level of ambition has raised, but with it there are questions that have emerged: Will Chinese legal order remain in many ways different from its Western counterparts? How should the rule of law with Chinese characteristics be understood? What are the key challenges? What are the next steps? Professor Kimmo Nuotio of Helsinki University will try to provide some answers to these important questions.

    DATE: Nov 27 (Thursday)
    TIME: 2-3:30pm
    VENUE: Embassy of Finland, South Tower of Kerry Centre (office building), 26th floor
    ENTRANCE: FCCC members only.
    REGISTRATION: at www.fccchina.org/events/27112014/

    Kimmo Nuotio is the Dean of the Faculty of law of Helsinki University and chair of the board of the Finnish Center for Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture based in University of Helsinki.  He is one of the world’s leading experts on the Chiinese legal system and has written numerous scholarly articles and books on this subject.