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  • Uncategorized | 12 September, 2014

    Position Paper on Working Conditions for Foreign Correspondents in China

    September 2014

    Executive summary

    China’s ruling Communist Party continues to erect hurdles to foreign journalists, and the media companies that employ them, discouraging reporting on many aspects of China. Foreign journalists are restricted in where they can travel. Their sources are vulnerable to intimidation or worse. If they or their co-workers write stories that displease the Chinese government, they face retribution. This could come in the form of threats, effective expulsion (visas not being renewed), retribution against news assistants and reprisals against a journalist’s media company that has business interests in China. In an FCCC survey  this year of China-based foreign correspondents, 80of those surveyed thought that their work conditions had worsened or stayed the same compared to 2013. The FCCC believes that China is rapidly eroding the progress it made in “opening up” to the world prior to the 2008 Olympics.

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    Book Talk, Speaker | 19 September, 2014

    The rise of China’s private sector

    Does the state capitalism model control all in China? Do state-owned enterprises carry as much weight as China’s critics say they do? Nicholas Lardy, author of ‘Markets Over Mao’, will answer these questions and more. He’ll explain the rise of China’s private sector and debunk myths on China’s banking system, its companies and its economy.

    DATE: Sept 19 (Friday)
    TIME: 9-10:30am
    VENUE: Beijing American Center, Suite 2801, Jingguang Center, Hujia Lou, Chaoyang District
    ENTRANCE: free
    REGISTRATION: at www.fccchina.org/events/19092014/, before Sept 18, 3pm. If you are planning to bring a recording device, please say so in your reservation note. Unannounced recording devices will not be allowed in.

    Nicholas R. Lardy is the Anthony M. Solomon Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He joined the Institute in March 2003 from the Brookings Institution, where he was a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program from 1995 until 2003 and served as interim director of Foreign Policy Studies in 2001. Before Brookings, he served at the University of Washington, where he was the director of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies from 1991 to 1995.

    Nicolas R.Lardy is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the editorial boards of the China Quarterly, China. His most recent books are Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China (2014), Sustaining China’s Economic Growth after the Global Financial Crisis (2012), The Future of China’s Exchange Rate Policy (2009), and China’s Rise: Challenges and Opportunities (2008).

    Book Talk, Speaker | 18 September, 2014

    Christian China

    About 10 per cent of Chinese profess Christian or pseudo-Christian faiths and many more are growing intrigued by the teachings of the Bible. What are the challenges of this phenomenon in a one-party state run by an officially atheist leadership? Catholic researcher Chiaretto Yan will present the result of a long and exhaustive investigation on the subject, after Chinese authorities for the first time allowed the Pope to cross Chinese aerospace on his way to South Korea in August.

    The event wil be moderated by Francesco Sisci, a frequent guest on Phoenix TV and CCTV and author of the column Sinograph in Asia Times.

    DATE: Sept 18 (Thursday)
    TIME: 4-5:30pm
    VENUE: The Bookworm
    ENTRANCE: free to FCCC members, 50 RMB on the door to non-members, 40 RMB to members of The Bookworm

    Yan Kin Sheung, Chiaretto is a Hong Kong native who has lived in Shanghai and Beijing for the last 20 years. He studied Journalism in the Philippines and obtained his Ph.D. at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. At present he is a research fellow of the Sophia University Institute, near Florence, in Italy. His most recent book is “Sharing the Joy of the Gospel in China