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  • Speaker | 17 December, 2018

    China’s High-Tech Drive: Why So Worried?

    There is great anxiety about China’s turbo-boosted high-tech drive. Many are worried that China will overtake the United States and West in leading sectors, from AI to quantum to biopharma. This presentation aims to cut through the hype and explain the differences between myth and reality. Chinese are gaining in some areas, but the real dangers — to China and others — come from the unintended consequences and failures of China’s efforts.


    Scott Kennedy is the Director of the Project on Chinese Business and Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. An expert on Chinese economic policy, Kennedy has been traveling to China for over 30 years. His latest report is China’s Risky Drive Into New-Energy Vehicles (CSIS, November 2018, here).

    Seminar | 5 December, 2018

    Workshop: Investigating & Reporting on MeToo and traumatic events

    The workshop will be centred around helping attendees better report #MeToo stories and other stories concerning trauma. It will be interactive and involve group discussion as well as Q&A, so come ready to think on your feet! The speakers will lead the participants in a series of structured discussions around investigations, interviews, the psychology of trauma, legal liabilities concerning workplace sexual harassment, as well as the social context surrounding sexual violence in China.
    About the speakers:
    • FENG YUAN, founder of the NGO Wei Ping (For Equality), is one of China’s longest-standing feminist activists, and is currently working on new legal regulations on gender-based violence to add to China’s Civil Code.
    • ANDREAS BERGSTEN is a psychologist, and has spent twenty years consulting in leader and team development, conflict and crisis management, personality assessment and individual counselling.
    • LESLI LIGORNER is a lawyer at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius in Shanghai specialising in employment law.
    • YUAN YANG is vice-president of FCCC and a Beijing correspondent for the Financial Times, and has conducted workshops on sexual consent for universities in the UK and China.